In India, Ram is not only a character in Ramayan. Ram is worshipped as God, as an ideal, and not just an idol. Even to the extent of establishing Ram Rajya where people will not have anything less than joy.
In the context of medical services, Ram rajya is far from truth.There are many doctors. And doctors are considered to be the lifesavers, the other face of God but with a rider….The more the Chanda(fee), the better form of God you get. Less the Chanda, less the service or even without a service.
Sambalpur is a small town with a large mass of not-so-good capability to pay the Chanda. There are many doctors…..like, Purohits, Pradhans, Sahus, Panigrahis, Tripathys…..and many more…all are lifesavers…but with a huge Chanda(fee). With a large numbers of poor people, the chanda is beyond their imagination and the lifesavers are Gods of no use to them.
In such a time, one life saver, a young doctor with a vision to serve, with the Hippocratic Oath not forgotten since graduation, comes forward to fill the gap between the lifesaver and the life.
Parents had named him Sankar Ram Chandani. And he does not take chanda (in sambalpuri chanda Ni, or nochanda/fee)…Dr.Ramchandani
….Doctor in true sense with the oath in mind and heart to serve had invigorated his noble sight of Ram Rajya where poor will be treated with one rupee only (which is as good as chanda-ni). Gradually, the clinic or Rajya immediately got filled with many needy and poor people. Yes it is possible to establish Ram Rajya with no huge chanda but a rupee only. Only Ram shoud be available. Ram, the ideal man, should be available.
Thousand salutes fall short for this man. Dr.Ramchandani of Burla VIMSSAR, the true Ram and his parents.(the photo is copied from Dr.Ramchandanis FB)

Dr.RAM-chanda-Ni. Yes you are Love for the humankind and trendsetter for a Ramrajya.

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