Borra Caves-a tourist destination

Borra caves-one of the beautiful tourist site in the Ananthagiri hills is around 90KMs distance from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Borra- the name is originated from the Oriya language means Hole. Discovered in 1807 by British Geologist King William, the caves are naturally formed from limestone rock deposits. The anthropology department from Andhra University found tools used by human habitats dating back 30000 years back indicates that human habitats once flourished here in the caves and around on the banks of the Gostani river.


However, what attracts the tourists most is the shape of the caves themselves. Around 200-meter long, the cave is a place of thrill for the visitors. The Tourist Department of Andhra Pradesh has beautifully decorated the cave with colorful lights adding to the beauty of the caves. Beautiful landscapes and hill tracks leading to the caves are inhabited by tribals. Thousand of tourists from around the country throng to this place of natural beauty. With the growth of tourist counts, many shops for foods and local products have come up adding to the economy of localities.

Localities selling their products collected from jungles.

The most favorite place for photography by tourists and photographers inside the cave is a ray of sunlight falling on a rock from the small opening of the cave.

Photography point
Photographers point

The memories of visit to Borra caves can be garnished with the purchase of local condiments grown and collected from the jungles by the local populace.

For lunch, one can rely on the nearby roadside vendors selling south Indian foods, bit spicy but tasty.

Another story , another place, Talk you soon.

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