Dressing badi of Daringbadi

Daringbadi, a tourist destination in the Kandhamal district of Odisha.Situated at a height of 900 mts from MSL and surrounded by dense forest with hills and water falls,Daringbadi is also called Kashmir of Odisha.The temperature falls to subzero level in winter.Summer is equally comfortable.
Daringbadi name came from Mr Daring , a English man who was staying there.Daring and badi means village.

Most interesting part of my 2day stay was to know about the village Dasingbadi.To know about the name Dashingbadi was fascinating.On the way from Daringbadi to Brahmanigaon, there is a small village called Dasingbadi.It is said that the English sahebs who were staying around Daringbadi , while moving around for missionary activities,used to stay for refreshment at Dashingbadi.After a brief stay and dressing up again they would start for further journey.A bunglow was available there for their dressing up.Although the bunglow has now been missing and another Hut has been constructed in 1960.But the name still remains the DRESSING BADI or Dashingbadi……..


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