Dhokra artifacts of Barakhama, Kandhamal.

Dhokra artefacts are metal castings by Dhokra tribes of Odisha , WestBengal and Chattisgarh.The metal castings dates back to Mahenjodaro period and the famous among them was the dancing girl statue excavated from Mahenjodaro.

Honeybee wax or resins from trees are collected by the tribes and moulded into different shapes followed by clay covering the mould.The molten metal of bronze is poured into it which takes the shape as desired replacing the wax mould.The clay is chipped off later and the famous dhokra artefacts are ready.

Dhokra artefacts

My travel diary: While crossing Barakhama from Baliguda in Kandhamal district of Odisha India, I came to know about a small hamlet of not more than 10 families who produce the Dokra artefacts.Reaching there I came to know that the group of artisans are supported by NABARD and they happily welcomed me to showcase their product, their method of production and to narrate their struggle to sell the products.

The showroom.
The clay moulds
Clay moulds
Making of wax moulds.
In front of their Dokra product showroom

The products are beautiful and have high demand abroad as well as in India.But for these artists in remote villages, marketing their products is difficult.Still in poverty the families of Dokra artists are slowly moving to alternate source of livelihood.Non availability of credit facilities to purchase metals and lack of guidance to market their product is what they complain me while discussing their daily life.

How to reach:The place is near to Barakhama a 15 kms drive from Baliguda by road.Nearest railway station is Berhampur or Rayagada.


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