Gopalpur Beach-A tourist destination-Gopalpur on Sea.

During my stay at Berhampur,Odisha, on holidays I travelled to nearby tourist attractions.Away from home and family, holidays are difficult for time pass.So to make the holiday a memorable one, I decided to explore the lesser known places nearby with historical importance and highlight them for a better tourist inflow.After all Odisha is “India’s best kept secret”.One such destination is the Gopalpur -on- Sea.

History of Gopalpur:A 15 Kms ride from Berhampur,Gopalpur ,a sleepy town on the beach of Bay of Bengal has been named after the Gopalji(Lord Krishna) temple built by a trader in 18 th century. Those days, traders from Odisha would sail to Burma,Java,Sumatra from this place.One such successful trader after earning huge profits,decided to build a temple in the name of Gopal or Krishna.Slowly the area became populated with more fisherman and traders settling here.The temple is located just near the beach and I could not resist my temptation to see the historical monument.

Later during British rule the place had seen major activities on the port by way of rice import from Burma.Now the old port have been modernised and trading activities have picked up.

The Beach: Gopalpur beach is one of the beautiful beach of India located in South Odisha . Mangroves,long strech of Cashew nut and coconut trees adds to the trill of blue horizon accross the sea.The light house is another major attraction,one can see the entire Gopalpur from the top.

Small food stalls selling Coconut and fishfry on the beach adds to the joy of foodies like me.Not much crowded during morning hours become a most sought-after place for the nearby people who gather here in the evening and enjoy the sea food sitting on the newly constructed sitting arrangements on the beach.

Coconut selling

It was half past noon and climate was hot.Even the crow was serching for shade.I decided to go to a restaurant for lunch.Rice,Dal, chicken biryani and sea fish was on the menu card.I prefered Chicken biriyani and a coke.

The crow searching for shade.

What are the things to enjoy: Gopalpur beach has been developed by Odisha tourism recently,like water sports, beach festivals and sitting arrangements facing the deep blue sea.One can simply sit there and watch the sea or the sea crabs fighting on the sand dunes.Water sports and bird watching are other things one can enjoy.

Water sports
Brahmy kite
Brahmy kite and large egret
Kentish plover
Large egret.

Children can enjoy in newly opened childre park on the beach or can try beach kabbadi.

Beach kabbadi
A crab on the sand dunes.

Photography lovers can go around for some beautiful snaps

After lunch, I went for birding and captured on my Nikon camera some shots of birds and the beautiful beach.

When to visit:Well for a traveller there is no particular time to visit a destination ,I feel,but it is better to consider a visit during October to December when one can enjoy the beach festival and also not to worry about rain during that time.

Where to stay:There are many budget hotels costing Rs 2000/- onwards and also some premium hotels like Mayfair and others facing directly towards the sea.Also one can stay at Berhampur.

Some budget hotels on the beach.

How to reach: From Berhampur it is only 15 Kms journey, one can hire a taxy or can prefer the buses plying frequently from Berhampur.Berhampur is a South Odisha town connected by train and roadways from Chennai,Kolkota and Bhubaneswar.The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar.

Food preferences:All types of vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is available and is influenced by South Indian taste.Idli and Dosa are favourite for breakfast.

Clothings: Climate is pleasant and not cold to carry winter garments.Being a costal area ,rain can be expected anytime and thus may prefer to carry an umbrella.During noon hours it is bit hot and thus may advise to carry loose clothing,goggles and hat.

There is another sea side tourist place at Chilka, the largest salt water lake near Berhampur.Some other day again a travel diary to Chilka.

Another tourist place on the hills of Koraput, visited recently….Deomali Hill Top near Koraput.The highest mountain peak of Odisha.

When visiting Gopalpur,one can add the Jirang BuddhistMonastry in the visit list.Tibet Settlement in India- Jirang Monastry- Mini Tibet of Odisha-My travel story to Buddhist sites of Odisha


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