Deomali Hill Top near Koraput.The highest mountain peak of Odisha.

Situated at a hight of 1672 mtr on the eastern ghats of South Odisha,Deomali hill top is a marvelous scenic beauty with wide range of flora and fauna and inhabited by tribes like Kondh,Bhumia and Malli.On the way to Sunabeda from Koraput it is around 58 kms from Koraput.

The Deomali Hill top

I started from Raygada to Jeypore and Koraput and then after one night stay at Jeypore, went to Deomali.Wide and sometime narrow roads flanked both sides with green stretches of trees,it gives a feel of travelling in a tunnel made of trees.Negotiating the sharp turns and hilly terrain it offers an adventurous journey till one reaches to the hill top of Deomali. Cold winds blowing at the peak of the hill and sitting there at the posts made by Odisha Tourism is something one can cherish the memories of adventurous journey.

Things to do: Photography lovers can capture some of the beautiful snaps of naturural Beauty.Treaking, Camping and film shoot or simply stitting at the posts and enjoying the nature.

Travel advice:Good driving skills,warm clothing during winter is must.In addition Stepney is must as no tyre repair shop is nearby and the road puts the vehicle tyre to its extreams.I had a tyre burst near Koraput but fortunately I had a Stepney and a tyre shop near by.Changed the tyre at the store and went ahead.

The tyre shop at Koraput

Food, one need to carry if planning for a camp or trek.Nereby villages are inhabited by tribes who are very cooperative and research scolars can make document on their lifestyle.

Where to stay: The nereby hotel available is at Koraput or Jeypore.I stayed at Jeypore in a hotel named Hello Jeypore with a rent of Rs.1895 plus. Restaurant is attached with the lodging.

Hotel Hello Jeypore.

How to reach:The Deomali hill top can be reached by car and bikes.Nearest railway station is at Jeypore.Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam.

One can plan for travel to Deomali alongwith Gupteswar temple near Jeypore and some good number of waterfalls in Koraput district.

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