Kandhara:The well and Mahima dharma of Bhimabhoi.

On the way to Baudh from Rairakhol in Odisha state of India, a lesser known place of Kandhara.A small Mutt and the famous well there.From inside the well the famous lines of Bhimabhoi once uttered, now written on the walls of United Nations…… A Mahima sanyasi at the Mutt there narrates me the teachings of Bhimabhoi.

In 1850, Bhimabhoi also known as the Blind poet and Santha kabi was born in a Kondh clan of Jatesingha, now in Subarnapur District of Odisha.Being from a very poor family, in search of livelyhood, once he reaches to Kandhara village.He plead for a job in front of the landlord there.After initial reluctance,the landlord later agreed to keep him as the care taker of the cattle folk.Bhimabhoi would take the cattles to the jungle for grazing and return in the evening.He was blind since birth.Once while coming back, he fell into a well.Cattles returned back to the village,but one calf didn’t.The calf stayed there at the well, waiting for Bhimabhoi to come out.The landlord sent someone to find out the missing calf.The man reaches to the calf and found Bhimabhoi inside the well.The villagers reaches to the spot and tried to bring Bhimabhoi out.But Bhimabhoi refused to comeout….who had made me fall here only( he meant God) will take me out…he insisted. Failed to pursuade Bhimabhoi ,finally the villagers returned back, leaving him inside the well.

The famour well at Kandhara.

Seeing the pain, God himself went to the well to take out Bhimabhoi.God extended his right hand into the well but Bhimabhoi again refused.How can I believe you without seeing you my God…..Bhimabhoi told.There are many who had come here to help me come out.You may be one among them.But I want him to help me who had made me fall here.

Bhimabhoi being blind since birth could not see.He asked God to give him eyesight, so that he could see himeself and believe.God agreed and gave him eyesight.Bhimabhoi, then agreed to hold God’s right hand and come out of the well……but he immediately requested God to take back the eyesights…and uttered the famous lines…..

…….witnessing the plethora of plights on earth how one could bear with; let the world get redeemed at my cost” ( ପ୍ରାଣୀଙ୍କଆରତ ଦୁଃଖ ଅପ୍ରମିତ ଦେଖୁ ଦେଖୁ କିମ୍ବା ସହୁ ମୋଜୀବନ ପଛେ ନର୍କେ ପଡ଼ିଥାଉ ଜଗତ ଉଦ୍ଧାର ହେଉ।)The lines are now written on the walls of United Nations.

Mahima Dharma: Swami Mahima Gosain was the original founder of Mahima Dharma.But the credit of spreading it to places around Odisha, Andhrapradesh,Assam,Bengal, goes to Bhimabhoi.He would narrate the messages through catchy poems and his four followers, Basudev Panda,Harihara Panda,Markanda Dash and Dharmanada Dash would write them.Bhimabhoi himself had no formal education,but his teachings are now tought in Universities.Recently Sambalpur University has introduced a separate chair for study on Bhimabhoi.His teachings narrates extensively on socioeconomic,caste and religious discrimination prevailing in society those days.He tought the idea of one God, one religion,one society.God is present everywhere,in every thing. His idea was to take out the society out of this discrimination and thus wrote many poems which helped the Mahima Dharma spread among the opressed and discriminated sector of the society.United Nations and santhakabi Bhimabhoi.

Kandhara: The place can be reached by road from Rairakhol,15 Kms towards Boudh.Odisha,India.There is no hotel/lodge available.However one can stay and have food as prasad(offering) in the Mutt.

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