Rakhya Bandhan: Taliban needs to learn the respect for Sisters.

Rakhya Bandhan is the Hindu festival of brothers and sisters, but spread across all religions,cast and class in India as well as South Asian.In the months of August(Srabana in Hindu calender, on the day of Rakhya Bandhan the sisters tie a red thread on the right wrist of her brother.The brother in return gifts his sister dress, sweets and vows to protect her at every steps of life.Sister banks upon her brother in every time of crisis.This is India and its culture.

A sister tying Rakhi on his younger brother.

Taliban Culture:. Taliban teaches otherwise.The Taliban religion ( not Allah’s teachings) consider covering of face of their sisters is ultimate protection.The Taliban men covers their sisters with Burka from head to toe.In stead of chocolate as gift ,the Taliban men put a bullet on the head of his sister.

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

On this Rakhya Bandhan day I wish good sense prevails in the Talibanies and their supporters, Pakistanis in perticular.May the Pakistanis who are well acquainted with the Indian teachings of Love & Respect for the sisters can teach their Talibani friends in Afghanistan.

I wish the teachings of Rakhi reach the Taliban.Wish the sisters are protected , not butchered by Talibans.Rakhya Bandhan-An Indian festival.

A Rakhi on the wrist of brother

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