Tibetian Settlements at Jirang Monastry- Mini Tibet of Odisha-My travel story to Buddhist sites of Odisha

About the Place:

Thousands of miles away from Tibet, a place in Odisha popularly known by the Tibetians here as “Phuntsokling”- the land of plenty and happiness.Surrounded within 5 km radius, it has the settlement of Tibetians in 4 camps at Chandagiri, Labarsing, Mahendragarh and Tanklipadar.A n important Buddhist religion followers and Buddhist site of Odisha.

In 1959 when Chinese invaded Tibet, large population fled to diffrent countries. India offred settlement camps at different places including Chandagiri.In 1963, the first batch of Tibetian refusee arrived in Chandagiri and stayed here ever since in 4 settlement camps, in and around Chandagiri.Generations passed and they made it their home, adding the colour of their culture and simplicity to the existing picturesque hills and forests of the eastern ghats range.The fluttering colourful flags and chanting sounds of Buddhist mantras from the Gompas and stupas have been spreading the essence of peace and attracting large numbers of tourists to this place, every year.

A monastry at Jirang.

Here in Jirang near Chandagiri,the largest monastry of East India is a place of worship and study of Buddhism visited by monks from all over India and nearby countries.His Holiness The Dalai Lama inagurated the monastry in 2010. Mahapadmasambhaba, considered as the second to Lord Buddha, is worshiped here.I was told that Mahapadmasambhaba was the adopted son of King Bibhutipati.Mahapadmasambhab went to Tibet on the invitation of the King there and established Buddhism and Lamaism in Tibet.It is also believed that father of Mahapadmasambhaba,the King Bibhutipati was ruler of Sambal, the present days Sambalpur in Odisha on the banks of Manad or Mahanadi.Mahapadmasambhab is credited with the establishment of Tantric sect of Buddhism in Tibet before wiping out the evil spirits existed there, for which the King of Tibet has invited him.Since then the scholars of Buddhism always regard India and Sanskrit with high esteem and source of inspiration.

Monks of Jirang monastry

(pls visit YouTube link for detail travel videos.

Jirang monastry

My Travel story:

After a week long cloudy weather,it was a sunny morning of 24th july2021, an weekend holidays, with my cameras and light breakfast in a bag, I started at around 7.30 AM , in my Tata Nexon, a distance of slightly more than 80 KMs and 2 Hrs journey from Berhampur,Odisha.After a couple of stops for tea at the road side shops, I reached to the destination at Jirang.The road from Berhampur till Taptapani was straight with not much traffic.After Taptapani, the hilly drive started with sharp turns. Adventurous and scenec beuty of the road upto Jirang and a stop at the Taptapani Hot water spring is enough for a weekend jollytrip with family and friends.Although I was travelling alone but, will definitely go for another trip with family.I have a craze for local vegetables and fruits from road side vendors while travelling.And this time too I didn’t miss to buy few local vegetables and also some fruits for lunch.Before reaching to the Jirng monastry, I met with some Tibetians and talked to know about their life here and also about Buddhism.

After a day stay here, I decided to return back at 5 PM.

Travel Advisory:

Jirang monastry is accessible by all wether roads from Berhampur and Bhubaneswar .Road conditions is good but hilly terrain needs experienced driver.On the way, one can enjoy a dip in the hot springs of Taptapani.Local as well as Tibetian foods are photographer s can enjoy taking some close snaps of Black Bucks at the outskirt villages of Berhampur city.

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