Basudeb Foundation And Members of Odisha Union of Journalists (OUJ) at Deogarh- Extending medical aid.

Journalist is known for its pen.Rightly said pen is mighter than sword.But oxygen concentrators, therometers and oxymeters in the hands of journalist, ready to help the needy at the remote villages, is something which is not only a great moral booster to the medicos but also an inspiration to everyone in the society to come forward.Obviously the message can reach faster and effectively to many through the pen of the journalists themselves.

Basu Foundation was founded by Sri Pratyus Panda from Brajarajnagar,Odisha in the memory of his father Sri Basu Panda.During the pandemic,the Foundation could able to arrange oxygen concentrators to many health centers, specially the rural areas.The idea was to lessen the load on hospitals ,by making available concentrator for mild patients at home isolation.The first foray into rural area started by placing two concentrators at Rairakhol along with some cylinders at an Oxygen bank.

The news reached to the journalists of Deogarh and to Sri Ashok Nanda, a resident of Deogarh.A journalist and social worker,Sri Ashok Nanda is also the General Secretary of Odisha Union of Journalis.Deogarh is a not so economicaly developed area of Odisha and has equally not so good medical facilities.The medical facilities at the remote areas are even poor.Then Sri Nanda messaged Basu Trust to come forward.Basu Trust which has already supplied around 70 concentrators till now, readily agreed to the proposal.Two oxygen concentrators,some pulse oxymeters,IR therometers and some masks were sent to Deogarh.Under the supervision of Sri Nanda the medical equipment were handed over to remote areas at Chatabar and Barkote community health centers.

The community health centers are the backbone of rural health care system.The medical aid provided by the Trust will strengthen the hands of medicos there in delivering health care to the poor rural patients.The journalist volunteers will distribute the mask and create awareness among the mass to fight the pandemic.

I always belive in public participation and this is an example when journalist in form Covid volunteers joins hand with donors and medicos to upgrade the healthcare system in the remote rural areas.More such effort from the public can bring improvement in every field of development.

………keep reading and sharing good news.It improves immunity.

(You may also say thanks Basu Trust on whatsapp number

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