Tapping the Youth power For Bird conservation-The Chadhei Club of Sambalpur

The ChadheiClub.Email: chadheclubsbp@gmail.com

Chadhei club, a group of birders envisioned the idea of conservation of bird species,under the leadership of Sri Surendramohan Pradhan.He was a school teacher and a great birder and photographer.

In the early 2010,the Chadhei club was formed and members were not so active baring some.Some species were recorded and activity in conservation were being taken up.The idea of involving maximum from the public was thus thought upon ,so as to impregnate into the minds of the youth,the message of birds and environmental conservation.

Then came the pandemic of 2019 and much of the otdoor activities could not be carried out.Then the idea to involve the youth in online platform was thought upon.Fortunately, Dr Biswamohan Jena, a greatly admired teacher among the youth and among NSS volunteers in particular came forward.His love for Bird species and environment brought him closer to the ChadheiClub after his interaction with the members during the inaugural function of the Logo of ChadheiClub.Chadhei club logo was inagurated on the World Environment day,5 th Jun 2021.

An online interaction with around 60 youth was palnned on 9 th Jun2021.President of ChadheiClub Sri Ashis Pradhan and Secretary Sri Prasant Pradhan interacted with the volunteers over the zoom platform.The idea was to create interest among the youth about different species and their names and how to report on e-birding platform.

During an online interaction

The response was awsome and a hope created in all of us to involve more such youths, in this mission.

Previously we have lost some of the species due to, not much awareness among the youth.Presently the youth is informed ,tech savy and filled with abundance of energy.The energy needs to be channalised for a better cause.Creating intrest to identify and record the local birds will serve the purpose of conservation of their habitat and thus the environment.Once the energy is channalised into the fantastic world of birding, much of the work is already done for environmental conservation.

The loss of much of the population of ground nesting birds is due to the forest fire apart from other reasons as well.The forest fire not only destroy the trees but also variety of rare species of fauna.Another instance of destruction of ground nests near Hirakud is the unrestricted movement of humans in the nesting area.The nests and eggs are being destroyed unknowingly.One such example is the nests of Little Pratincole and Oriental pratincole. Oriental Pratincole migrates from shores of Australia to this place.The Little Pratincole is a native bird.Both nests on the ground.

Oriental Pratincole
Little pratincole on the nest
Little pratincole

Bringing awareness among the youth will help us saving the forest fire and the environment degradation.

With this aim in mind The ChadheiClub Sambalpur will involve more and more youth in its mission.More like Dr Jena are needed in this mission.

(ChadheiClub can be reached with its e-mail: chadheiclubsbp@gmail.com.Chadhei means Bird in odia language)

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