74 yrs back …when Covid19 Forced me to Jungles.

A true story that had happened 74 years back in 2020-21. A man in jungle narrates a horrifying story to the King.

Sometime in the year 2095, The King came to know about a jungle from satelite images. He was surprised to see the people moving about their everyday routines inside the jungles without any masks or oxygen cylinders. So were the scientists and media curious to find. The sharp images from the satellites generated curiousity among the intelligentsia. Pictures obtained from drones and robots dropped from such drones confirmed the news. The King immediately called on a zoom meeting and ordered his ministers to arrange a visit to this jungle. Unaware about the ways of the jungles, a team of ministers started with studying the old digitalized documents about trees, jungles, wild animals and the ancient humans of the era when using masks, PPE kits, carrying Oxygen cylinders or solar powered oxygen concentrators on the back were not normal. They found it strange yet interesting to learn about these people.The digitalised documents were found from archive of 2018.

A plan was scheduled for the following week. All preparations started in full swing. Logistics were arranged. Laser guided guns, AI robots, Solar powered oxygen concentrators and cylinders were packed. Sufficient number of PPE kits and masks for hourly changeovers, and single seater helicopters ensuring social distancing were called for.

As the team reached the jungles, sanitization of the area was done. Just before taking it into custody, one strange looking man was found roaming around happily with no PPE kits or oxygen cylinders on his back. The team members had never been outside of their home since birth neither the King had ever.Seeing the world outside and such humans without maaks, was really astonishing for the team.The brain mapping of the strange people of jungle were made with scanners and after through study it was ascertained that they were not harmful and the gene matched with the team members.It was a mater of sigh for all knowing that the man in jungle has all similarity with us.Then the interview of these junglee man was started.The man narrates……the language was not understandable and so the brain was mapped to know what he wanted to tell….It was 15th August 2095 and the man wanted to tell…

……….76 years back, My fore father reached here.They say…in year 2020-21 a strange pandemic Called Covid-19 had engulfed the whole country.People were dying all over.Oxygen was not available.The King said ,oxygen is in short supply.Vaccines to fight is in short.All problem was due to some Jawahar who had ruined the country in the past.My father asked the King,but that is why we made you the King.Can you promise us a better life? The King replied, if everything goes well in our country,then China would have an evil eye on us.So I don’t want to do it fast.We will develope slowly.First, all temples,Masjids,Churches will be developed where God will reside, who will pull all of us out from the misery.Then Oxygen plants,Medicine plants would be developed.Dont worry we have all chucked out.A detailed plan is finalised by NITI ayog. Then,my fore father questioned the King, if at this juncture you set up plants, when the patients would be made available with oxygen.The questions from my father irritated the King.He ordered his Police to arrest him on charges of disobedience…bla….bla….bla.My father enquired again…I don’t know about the past who had ruined the country…I have chosen you to rectify…and I have all rights to question you.The questions further irritated the King.He called my fore father and ordered him go away into the jungles where there was oxygen.Seeing no way out ,my fore father came here with family into the jungles.Till then we all are here.

The jungles

During a changeover of oxygen cylinder,the King felt that the cylinder is not required.He can breath without a cylinder.He was impressed.ImmidIetely ,the King ordered to plant trees all over the country. The junglee man intervened.He said, O King ,if you plant tree now, it will take years to grow.You need urgent solution.Then the King asked him a question.What should be the solution then?

The man replied.It has been 74 years since 2021 and the pandemic is still persisting.King alone can not fight it.You need participation from the citizens.You have to bring them together.You have to listen the critics.Shunting every one can not be a solution.The citizen is not intrested about the emperors of the past.He is not intrested about King Jawaar-I or Jawaar-II.Now, the present regime should talk to the people, what they want.Make policy which is required by the people, not expect people to follow policy, what the King want.

Before finishing the story, the man became unconscious.The doctor examined and confirmed that the team has already infected the jungle man with Covid-94.

( as the forefather has left into the jungles at the end of 2021 and so he was not knowing that there were time when the pandemic could have been tackled.But greed to stay in power by policians,Lack of involvement of public and failure of policy makers did not felt the dire need of helthcare system .They could not fore see it.Rest of the things were unknown to the man in jungles and they were living happily till 15 Aug 2095 when the first case of Covid-95 registered in the jungle…and then continued.)

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