If the Cow could Tweet-@mrscow.

In India Twitter handle has proven to be the most sought-after mode to lodge a grievance and in many occasions the grievances were addressed too if tagged to CMO/PMO etc.Thanks to the recent government for encouraging the social media way of asking help.The railways happens to be the most prompt in reaching out to the needy.

Now coming to a recent incident, where,unfortunately the complainant was not having a Twitter handle, the illiterate cow.

On the last Sunday, my wife received a call from one Rajendra Satnami, a true social worker, arranging free education facility to the needy children of slum area.For him there is no Sunday or Holiday.He is not paid by any employer.After listening to various call from my wife, to probable helping hands and medicos, I came to know that a pregnant cow was lying on the road with a half delivered calf.Unable to deliver the calf the mother cow had been in pains and in the need of urgent medical help.Mr Rajendra had tried to call some others, including the veterinary department.All have reached to the spot, except the Vet.

Neither the Vet not the ambulance reached for the rescue as it was a Sunday…..Another fault of the cow who has chosen the Sunday to deliver. Ignorance is Crime!!!

Finally Mr Rajendra decided to call the local shepherd(gwala) who again was not having a Twitter handle.The Gwala could understand the importance of Sunday with his several previous experiences when his calls were ignored like Rajendra’s.After all, it is Sunday and without a Twitter handle to tag the Vet department along with CMO, neither the ambulance nor the Director would move.It is beyond their call of duty.They are paid professionals , not the Saviours. Sunday is a Holiday. Sunday must be a No work -No pay day, I guess for the Vet department.

But the team of Gwala and Rajendra could deliver the dead calf and saved the mother cow which is recovering now.But again, the basic question…Is Twitter handle mandatory? Should Vet doctor respond on Sundays? Great question.After all doctor are said to be saviors!!!!

(But important Lessons for the cattle folk…..1)Postpone your delivery schedule to Other day except Sunday.2)All Cows must have a Twitter handle)

Fially, Thank you Doctors of Vet department for enlightening us about the importance of Sunday.

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