More Bhagidari-Less Netagiri.

It is always a pleasure to find a problem solved.Particularly the problems where a Government agency is at delivery end and public is at receiving end.It is often considered as a herculean task to bring the Government Babu to deliver.But , I personally see in a different angle.Government Babu is not always reluctant to deliver. There are different reasons for the blame game. Like..scarce resource….interfernce from political masters…attitude of the Babu and more importantly the lack of understanding between the Babu and public.

Running to the Neta is not the solution.Your problem is not in the priority list of Neta.And more importantly your problem is an opportunity for the Neta to serve you and our Neta are very eager to serve the public.Neta always prefer that his public should always have one or more nagging problem so that he/she keep on getting opportunity to serve the public.

In one such case of Bhagidari or modern-day management study or participative management which I experienced, worth mentioning here.The water supply by PHED to the locality was very poor and lot of mistrust was brewing up in the public.As usual blaming the Goverment Babu and ignoring the own mistake of wastage of water….A request to Neta….let us gherao the office…and many other ideas to solve the issue were muted……But one important point i.e public-babu participation to solve the issue, was missing.

A formal request and several telephone calls could not solve the issue.Neither he is available at office not reach to the site .The public was furious and Babu was not in a mood to have a discussion with public.May be he was fearing a gherao…but I am sure he was not insensative to the issue.He was trying hard to solve.

One fine day after four days of regular phone calls…I too was losing the hope when I decided to call him to the site.Altough he did not garner enough courage to reach, but sent his staffs.The staffs were taken to site and not only the problems but the solutions also were discussed. No hallabol…no netagiri..only pure talk to find a solution.A participative management…Bhagidari or whatever you say…..finally after two hours of deliberation, we reached to a solution. Supply was now normal.

Happy to see the problem ended and sorry that we could not give any of the Netas, the opportunity to serve.

During the course of discussion with the Babu over phone , I and some others expressed our desire to get some water for bath , if possible we could reach to his house, I disclosed. The wheel of participative management started revolving faster then.It was not a veiled threat, but another way of polite request for water.

Problems will be there till the society exist.Solution has to be found out by mutual trust , participation and patience from both the ends…the public and the Babus.

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