Searching my Ram whom I voted as Ram.

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Couple of days back I was listening Dr Kumar Biswas on Yutube, a programme “ApneApne Ram”.Ram, whom we worship as God, like whom we all wish to be, like whom we wish all others to be, including the Raja whom I choose in my constitutional assembly, the constitutional authorities and so on.

In the night before Rajposhi next morning, Bhagwan Ram was called by his father to meet him.Ram unknown about the future like the candidates unknown about the result awaiting inside the EVM, reached to his father sitting in a dark room.Difference was ofcourse that he was not having iota of worry about the result, as usual with his ever smiling face reached to his father.His father disclosed that the Rajposhi is cancelled and he should be ready to go to the jungles for 14 years.

Unlike an official, succumbed to depression after getting his transfer order to jungles or a neta defeated in election,he instead rushed to his mother and told that father has made him the king of jungles…पिता देहि मोहि कानन राजू.He is Ram..the message of positivity.The narration by Dr Kumar Biswas was even more inspiring to made me listen to the Ram Katha again and again.

The otherday, in the evening I was driving my scooter in my small town.Sometimes the Ram Katha, sometimes my ego getting hurt by the superbiker who just overtook me( ईर्ष्या), then again the fear of traffic police(भय), even though I had my mask and valid Driving licence etc with me….again Dr Kumar Biswas delivering Ram Katha….flashing simultaneously in one head.Ten things, sometimes to be like Ram and sometimes negativitity, I wondered…am I Ravan.Unknowingly,I was swinging between positivity and negativity..never sticking to the teachings from Ram.But expecting the other to be a Ram.

I was just thinking to cleanse my mind of all negativity and when, suddenly a rich man’s expensive car overtook me through the narrow opening between me and a cyclist on my right.Irritatingly my eyes went straight to the number plate.But the numbers were small enough in comparison to the red plate over the numberplate, MLA##### written on it, in golden letters.This happens in our part of India.We when loose,normally resort to vandalism and when win ,we distance ourselves from the very people who had made us to win.We put special number plates, Red lights and sometimes black screens on the glasses of the spooky cars, just to distance ourselves from the populace, who suddenly become lesser beings. The very people who had made him Ram or Raja, were considered a security threat necessitating heavy police arrangements, priority traffic ways.

Irritation and hatreadness had creeped into my mind about the occupant of this spooky car, which I can never own in my lifetime.How can he, who is elected by me as Ram,can overtook me so dangerously………….The ego and anger in me was overtaking the Ram Katha by Dr Biswas.

Again the Katha….when Ram went to Dandakaranya forest.He never asked for any special security, any special help from his maternal uncles who were reigning the Kosalas, nearby Dandakaranya.He was in his foots, no expensive chariots, no special security arrangements, no special traffic to stop general public.People on the way joined him in the fight against negativity.The smile of positivity in his glowing face, the resolve to serve the people of his new Rajya, the forest.The resolve to liberate his people from demons on the way, did not necessitated him to ask for special cars or special Red lights or special number plates or special security from the very people for whom he was providing security.He was there among the people, always.No tinted glass between him and his people.

But am I Ram? I asked myself. The anger and ego, yet to subside.Sometime Ram and sometime Ravan flashing in my single head.

Not sure who is Ram and who is Ravan.Is it him or I.But one thing is sure…he is one among us.He has reached there from us only.To see him as Ram, I have to be like Ram.

For him to be Ram, he has to open the tinted glass, remove the special tag, walk alongside the public.Shun the pseudo fame!!!

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