United Nations and santhakabi Bhimabhoi.

Today on this day of 25 the Feb, 2021, the 148th Mahima mela started for 3 days at Joranda, Odisha the holy place for many Mahima followers.On this day let’s remember the poet, composer, a follower of the Mahima sect, Santhakabi Bhimabhoi.

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Bhimabhoi was born in Jatasinga near Subalaya of Subarnapur in Odisha.Born in 1850 in a poor family of Kond cast he was blind since birth.Married to Annapurna and had two daughters.His name was Mukunda Das by birth.He was a follower of Mahima Gosain, the Guru of the Mahima sect. Bhimabhoi was dedicated to the upliftment of the socially deprived section.His writings are testimony to the social condition of his times.He being blind could not write so he used to sing then in a catchy manner and his followers would write them. The writings were appealing to the masses divided in strict casteism.His preaching were so popular in those days that the Mahima sect spread not only in Odisha but to parts of Assam, Westbengal, and adjoining states of Odisha.

He died in 1895 at Khaliapali of Sonepur district and the last remnant are kept in a temple at Khaliapali, the Samadhi pitha.

His writings are maintained on the walls of the temple.

His famous writing is inscribed on the walls of United Nations…..

…….witnessing the plethora of plights on earth how one could bear with, let the world gets redeemed at my cost….

The writings that are inscribed on the walls of United Nations in different languages.

(Khaliapali is near Sonepur Odisha and can be accessed by road.)

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