Buddhism and Pargalpur,Odisha-

The Vajrayan form of Buddhism religion originated in Odisha before spreading to Mangolia through Tibet, China, and Japan. There are many remnants of Buddhism throughout Odisha and Baudh in particular. Baudh is the town in India that has its name derived from Buddha. Such a huge number of remains, points out the fact that in earlier days Buddhism was deep-rooted in Odisha. Although not much population now practice, still there are pockets of Athgarh area where the practice is still prevailing.One such site of interest is Pargalpur.The name is derived from the Buddhist deity Pragalva.

Around 28 KMs from the Boudh town, the village Pragalpur has remains of Buddhism. A badly damaged statue of Budhha is kept inside the temple.Hardly 1 KM away from another Buddhist monastery at Syamsunderpur.

Buddhism was at its peak in this area during earlier days is visible from findings of this remains and monastery nearby.From unknown reason , there is hardly any practise of Buddhism left in this area at present.

Apart from Pargalpur, there are many other places nearby Baudh where such remains are available in plenty. One such sign of the deep prevalence of Buddhism is the availability of Buddha in Bhumisutramudra at a Shiva temple in the town of Baudh.It points out the parallel existence of Budhaism and Saivasm in those times.

In Bhumisutramudra

The Siva temple.

The practices of Buddhism has left it’s impact in dance forms as well.The Danda Dance of this area has steps similar to Buddhism dance in the monastery.

Once in it’s peak the practice of Buddhism slowly vanished from Odisha before migrating to China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal and Mangolia through the trade routes leaving behind the remains statues and monasteries badly damaged state, all over Odisha

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